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Stemme issue 2


Issue 2 of Stemme is here

Commensality is a phrase used to describe the act of eating around the table. This is not limited only to a literal meaning; the common meal time—an act of communal nourishment. We partake in commensal moments without realising; it is woven into our very nature as human beings. It is a subconscious act. The farther we run from sharing some form of authentic connection with the world around us and those within it, the more we realise we cannot. The things that separate us are often the things that keep us bound together.

The table therefore is a signifier of a commensal act; a place of shared and differing perspectives. We see things differently, and yet we stand together. A place where we let down our walls and treat our companions with trust—where we give, and we receive.

This issue of Stemme is a gathering of perspectives on subjects that concern all of us. Our consciousness, the cities we inhabit, symbols that unite us and separate us, the food we eat and how we eat it.
Although we may not know it, the topics of our obsessions are most likely also that of someone else’s. Communities of interest are all around us; it’s a matter of knowing where to look.

144pp, Offset Printed.